What is it Like to Work With Me

What is it Like to Work With Me

By carol76 0 Comment July 9, 2019

You want to know what it’s like to work with me before you hire me? I would too before I decide to commit to work on a project together. Whether you’ve already made contact with me or you’re just checking me out I am more than happy to answer any questions you may have. So, if I missed one of yours, please contact me, and I’ll answer you promptly.  


The first thing I do when I make contact with a new client is, I research and study their business. This is my own personal research (no charge to you) to get background on who they are, what presence they currently have on social media, and take detailed notes of how they communicate with their prospects/customers.  

I get a good sense of their individual voice (the voice I will be writing in) and look for ways their current strategy can be expanded on and improved. I have my own checklist that I go through and access where they currently score and take note of it.


I am a Professional Social Media Marketer, Web Content Writer and Lead-generation specialist. I do accept one-off jobs but I prefer to take on long term work with a client. Making changes and improvements to your current social media strategy takes time to implement and see measurable results. .

The more I speak to and get to know your readers the better I can create content that meets their needs and leaves them hungry to receive more. I like to plan my content at least two weeks in advance, and leave room to add or take away before final publication based on any new insights I receive from your readers.

 My job is to help you meet your goals! 

The first step is to set up a 30-45-minute phone or Zoom consultation where we will discuss your project and goals in depth. I want to know (in your own words) what your intended goals are with social media, how successful is your current strategy, how many new leads do you get a month doing this, how many would you like to get, what would you like to see changed..

The more information that you provide to me, the better I can access how I can be the most help to you. During this call I will be able to give you a fee range for the work that we discuss. It will be both fair to you and the work I will be doing for you, and within industry standards.  

Then, within the following 24 hours I will provide you with a custom-tailored proposal that’s just for you and your project. These are not cookie cutter proposals. I sit down and create a brand one new with each new job. It will explain the scope of work that we agreed upon in the call and a fee arrangement, complete with all of the available payment options.  

If, after reading it, you have any questions or concerns about the proposal, I will ask that you get back to me within the next 24 hours to either discuss the terms of the proposal or return it to me signed with the deposit.  

Everything that we will need to work together will be in the proposal including the deadlines, deliverable’s, revisions, payments, copyrights, etc. 

Unless certain situations apply, I try to be firm with the 24 hours because once we’ve agreed upon the scope of work and the fee range during the call, I want to begin work on your project immediately. I do not wish to delay a strong start to working together for the both of us. 

To make the process as easy as possible, I accept payments through Paypal, credit card, and etransfers (if located in Canada) are also available.

In Canada and the United States, I also accept corporate checks and money orders. Note they will cause a short delay in waiting to be received. I cannot begin working until it’s been received and banked.  

All retainer deals MUST be paid in advance, usually at the beginning of the month, for that months’ work.  And I require 30 day notice of cancellation of services. Just let me know when you pay that it will be the last one. carol@johnsencopy.com or (709) 221-3298


Q: Do you write for print? 

A: Perhaps for a one-off or the right project. Call me to discuss your project.

Q: What if I’m not happy with your work? 

A: I follow the processes that I have been taught to ensure that it meets all the requirements needed to have the best possible chance of success. Unfortunately, there are no guarantees and I cannot provide you with one, but I will work diligently to get you the results we discussed in our original phone consultation.

My commitment in helping you to achieve your goals is ongoing throughout our working relationship and I will do everything I can to meet your needs.

Q: Do you have any focused niches?  

A: I specialize in Social Media, Web Content Creation, and Lead-Generation.

Q: Do you write one-off projects for clients? 

 A: I do accept one-off projects for sure but if it’s applicable to your content needs I will offer a retainer deal. It’s easier for you to have a dependable writer on hand meeting your ongoing needs and me the chance to get to know you and your company and audience deeper so I can better help you.  

I also create custom packages deals for the one set fee. For example, a white paper with a set of 7-10 posts that promote it.  

Q: Do you have an information kit, complete with work samples?  

A: Yes, I do. All you need to do is contact me, and I will email it to you immediately.  carol@johnsencopy.com or (709) 221-3298

Q: Can I afford to hire you?  

A: My fees are in line with professional industry standards. I took the courses and invested a lot in my education to be able to provide professional quality services.  

I will not be beaten down to work cheaper any more than you would expect me to give your project only part of my effort and expertise. That said, if your budget is lower than what’s on my fee schedule, maybe we can work something out that will be beneficial to us both. Contact me at carol@johnsencopy.com or (709) 221- 3298

Q: That’s great! How do we get started Carol?  

A: The first step is to contact me to set up our initial consultation call. We’ll discuss your project in depth and your goals, and determine if I’m qualified to do the job.

I only take on projects that I feel I have an excellent chance of helping you with. Otherwise I will not take your money. I’ll politely decline the work and move on to my next client.  

Thank you for reading, and having an interest in my services.

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