Lead Generation

How do I Prepare to Write a Lead-Generation Piece?

A: What follows is a brief summary of my process from the very beginning all the way to the finished piece of a typical lead-gen offer, such as a webinar, white paper, etc.

  1. The very first thing I do is read over all the information I have been given for the project. If it is a subject that I’m not overly familiar with (ie, real estate) I’ll go online and research how the product or service can help and take notes.
  2. Now, I can begin the outline I’ll use to ensure no information is excluded from the finished piece.
  3. First, I define if it’s a hard offer or a soft offer?
  4. What benefits does this product/service offer to the prospect?
  5. Next, I identify any gaps of knowledge the prospect may have about his problem and how to identify a solution to that problem.
  6. Keeping the focus on the prospect and his needs I begin to write my headline and subject lines (generally I am for between 25-50 possibilities for each).
  7. When I have a working headline I start to write my body copy highlighting the problem, and using my outline as my guide.
  8. Next, I introduce my offer as a solution to that problem.
  9. Then, I lay in the benefits of the offer, using as many benefits as I can without making it too long winded.
  10. I offer up some proof (case studies or testimonials are great for this)
  11. And then, I make the CTA, simply and clearly.

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