Thank you for your interest in my Web Content Creation for Ecommerce & Tech Copywriting services…

Now, maybe you’re just visiting this copywriting website out of curiosity. Some people do, especially those folks who’ve never hired a copywriter before.

But more likely you need a Web Content Writer, Social Media Manager, or Lead-generation Expert, someone who has the proper training and knows how to get you the results you’re looking for.

You may be looking for someone to help you with creating content, write a newsletter, a lead-gen landing page, an email, a home page, an e-book, a white paper…   

Whatever your needs may be you are going to want to know a little more about me before you hire me to write for you. If I were face-to-face, chatting with you in your office, no doubt you would have questions for me. I would like to try to answer some of those for you now.  

 “What are your qualifications as a copywriter?” 

I am an AWAI (American Writers and Artists Inc) trained and verified copywriter. I have a background in sales and running a home-based business. In college I studied Mass Media Communications. Some of my courses I took were broadcast journalism, video production, writing for video, desktop publishing and design, advertising, marketing, and making a documentary.

For the past four years I have studied copywriting with AWAI. I’ve taken several of their courses: 

The Accelerated Program for Six Figure Copywriting 

Secrets of High Performance B2B Copywriting 

Web Copywriting 2.0 

Social Media Marketing Expert 

Crash Course in B2B Marketing 

Lead Generation Expert 

Internet Research Specialist 


 “Do your expertise go past copywriting?  

Yes, I have also taken many courses outside of AWAI. Some of them include: 

Web Content Optimization 

Public Relations 

SEO Site Audits 

Professional Logo Design 

PowerPoint Presentations

User Experience Research  

Crafting Stories in Marketing 


Academic and Business Writing 

Google AdWords

“What kinds of assignments do you handle?”  

I specialize in Web Content Creation for Ecommerce & Tech, Lead-generation, and Social Media Marketing. If your project falls outside of this call me and let’s talk about your project.

I also create & manage PPC Ad Campaigns, and I hold a Google Ad Search certificate.

Your fee schedule lists a price for a ‘copy critique.’ What’s that?

A copy critique provides an objective eye on your lead-generation piece, home page, sales page, or article. I can critique a finished piece or one that’s in progress. It’s up to you.

With a copy critique you’ll receive a detailed written report detailing what works in your piece, what doesn’t, what you should keep, what you should change, and my personal suggestions how to make it stronger.

Do you offer consulting services?  

Yes, I offer planning of Internet marketing campaigns, lead-generation marketing plans, PPC ad campaign marketing plans, and market research. All are designed to get the most response from your marketing investment and efforts.

How much does it cost to hire you for a project?  

A detailed fee schedule in line with industry standards is included in my Information Kit. There you will find all the projects that I do in detail.

To get my Information Kit, simply use the Contact Me form or call me Monday thru Friday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm at 1(709) 221-3298

What happens if we want you to revise the copy?

If something isn’t right for you and your company and it needs adjusting, its no problem. I offer two rounds of revisions up to 30 days after receipt of the first draft. Any more after the 30 day allowance will need to be put on a new contract as will any major rewriting that falls outside of the original work scope.

What if we want to cancel your services?  

If things are not working out on your end, after I have done everything I can to try to fix it. All I require is 30 days’ notice of cancellation on social media retainers. Just let me know when you pay for the last month.  

How do I order from you? 

I am always reachable at I check my emails several times a day so that is a good way to reach me.

I’m also available on phone Monday thru Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm EST at (709) 221-3298.

Are you ready to get started? I am confident you will be very pleased with the high level of professionalism and quality of service I provide. If you’re ready to begin the amazing journey social media can offer you and your business, call me now & let’s get started!