Social Media and Lead-Gen Planning, Strategy, and Consultation

Social Media

Social media is always changing and it takes a professional to stay on top of current trends to know what’s working and what worked yesterday. Editorial calendars keep you focused, and on track to consistently meet your goals.

A solid social media plan can help you:

  • drive more targeted and relevant traffic to your website
  • create a detailed analysis of your current social media presence and identify any existing gaps that exist
  • identify which social networks are working best for you, and any potential in the remaining
  • target focus on the network that best suits your company and its message
  • discover detailed information on your current customers
  • determine who your ideal customer is and provide valuable insights on how best to reach him
  • create a customized time schedule that works the best for the content you’re delivering
  • establish a method to track results across the board so a lot less time is wasted on things that aren’t working


Lead-Generation is a powerful tool when used correctly. Everyone is competing for your prospects attention, and you have to rise above all of that information. Put an offer in front of him that he just can’t refuse.

Strategy and planning ahead both play an important role to ensure that you are getting your message in front of the right prospects. Targeted marketing ensures that more people will raise their virtual hands and say, “Yes, I’m interested. Tell me more.”

A lead-generation campaign can increase your response rates by:

  • helping you have clear actionable goal(s) of what you want the lead-gen piece to achieve
  • targeting the ideal prospect to put your product/service in front of
  • helping to determine the best methods of delivery
  • keeping consistency across all channels
  • tracking the results and keep you on target with your established goal(s)

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